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इस पोस्ट मे आपको Birthday Bio For Instagram मिलेगा। मैने इसमे एक पूरी लिस्ट Best Instagram Birthday Bio की तैयारी की है। जिसका प्रयोग आप Friend, Brother, Sister, Mother, Father or Love One को Surprise Birthday Wish करने के लिए कर सकते है।

बाकी अगर आपका Birthday भी क्यों न हो आप अपने instagram profile पर भी Instagram birthday bio का प्रयोग कर सकते है। अगर आपको लाइन लिखने का idea नहीं है तो यहाँ नीचे मैने सभी प्रकार की अच्छी-अच्छी Birthday Bio का पूरा एक क्लेक्शन दिया है। जो वाकई आपको पसंद आयेगा।


तो बस नीटे scroll करें और अपने पसंद की best instagram bio birthday चुने जिसका प्रयोग आप अपने प्रोफाइल पर अपने लिए या फिर किसी पसंद वाले के लिए कर सकते है।

Birthday Bio For Instagram Instagram Birthday Bio

Birthday Bio For Instagram

  • The Lucky Date Is 🎂​ (Your birthday date)
  • Nurse First Kiss Me on🎂​(Your date of birth)
  • Book Cake For Me On🎂​(Your dob)
  • Cake Kill On🎂​(Your date of birth)
  • Wish Me On🎂(Your birthday date)
  • Miss Me on 🎂 (Your birthday date)
  • Cake Murder On 🎂 (Your date of birth)
  • Candels Below On 🎂 (Your Dob)
  • Ready For A Party On 🎂 (Your Dob)
  • Landed On Earth 🎂 (Insert your dob)
  • Order Cake On For Me On 🎂 (Your Dob)
  • Cake Party On 🎂 (Your birthday date)
  • My Birthday Date 🎂 (Your bday date)
  • First Cry On 🎂 (Your birth day date)
  • Grand Entry on 🎂 (Your date of birth)
  • Landing on Earth 🎂 (Your birthday date)

Instagram Birthday Bio Ideas With Emoji

🎂​🇸єℓfу ℓσνєя 😍
🎂​🇩яαмα кιиg 👑
🎂​🇳υgнту 🅱σу
🎂​🇩яινє ℓσνєя 🚗
🎂​🇼ιѕн мє 9тн αρяιℓ 🎂
🎂​gυʝʝυ вσу 🚶
🎂​પ્રેમછેતો_છે 💖

⏩BIRTHDAY BASE 》22/12/1997🍚

⭕σffι¢ιαℓ α¢¢συит🍚
⚪Fashion blogger🍚
⭕Coolest Bad Boi🍚
🔵fαѕнισи мσ∂єℓ🍚
🔴тєєи αgєя🍚
⚪ρяту ⓄⓃ15ᴰᴱ -reDeYe🍚

But kash dil k pass bhi dimag hota
Love is easy but dimag is busy
Wish me on… 15/6🍮
👉 Kota

🇸єℓfу ℓσνєя 🍚
*🇩яαмα кιиg 🍚
*🇳υgнту 🅱σу🍚
*🇩яινє ℓσνєя 🍚
*🇼ιѕн мє 9тн αρяιℓ 🎂
*gυʝʝυ вσу 🍚
*પ્રેમછેતો_છે 🍚

🍚Hemant sharma
🍚Stay positivity,BELIEVE IN GOD….786
🍚Day of wishes- 9th july 🎁🎂💝

Best Instagram Birthday Bio For Yourself

  • Keeping it Real (birthday date)🍧
  • Birthday Bash (Your date of birth)🍧
  • My Story Started on (Your date of birth)🍧
  • Joined Earth Network On ( Your birthday date)🍧
  • Stealing Your Heart Since (Your Dob)🍧
  • My BDay (Insert birthday date)🍧
  • Royal Entry On (Insert your birthday date)🍧
  • Kiss me on (Your birthday date)🍧
  • 1st Cry on (Your birthday date)🍧
  • On Earth Since (Insert Your Dob)🍧
  • Login In The World (Your Dob)🍧
  • Born on (Your date of birth)🍧
  • Mom First Kiss Me on (Your birthday date)🍧
  • My Favourite Day (Your date of birth)🍧
  • Happy Wala Day (Your date of birth)🍧
  • Cake Party On (Your birthday date)🍧

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Instagram Birthday Bio For Girls

🍚​🎂​First Cry On 1st June 🎂
🍚​🎂​Attitude Queen
🍚​🎂​Varun Dhawan ❤
🍚​🎂​Music Lover 😘
🍚​🎂​ Foodie 😉
🍚​🎂​Don’t Judge Me If You Don’t Know Me
🍚​🎂​ Pani-Puri Lover

DrAmA QueEn🍚​🎂​
Friends Of Crazies 🍚​🎂​
Candels Below On 9th June🍚​🎂​

🍧Noughty Kudi ❤️
🍧Music Lover🎶
🍧Betterhalf Lover❤
🍧Cuteness Overloaded😊
🍧Wish Me On 7th February 🎂
🍧Attitude You Can’t Handle😎

🍚Model 📷
🍚Hobbies Is Photography ✌
🍚Dream Stardom
🍚Friendship Is Life 💕
🍚Student Of The Year 🏆🏆
🍚Smart Work 💪

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Instagram Birthday Bio For Boys

☺️Wish Me 10 January🍚​🎂​
👍Simple Boy🍚​🎂​
😊Music Lover🍚​🎂​
😘Future’s CiViL Engineer🍚​🎂​
😍😘Arijit Singh’s Fan🍚​🎂​
😘Love You My Kamine Yaro🍚​🎂​

🍚Official Account 🖤
🍚LoGin In The World 30 May🎂
🍚Simple Boy
🍚 HØlîC
🍚I’m Not Rich ßut I’m Royal 👑
🍚White Lover 😘

👫 Mom + Dad 👉 My World 💖
💪 Champion 🏆
🎶 Music Lover 🎶
💪Gym Freak❣️
😘 Love My Friends 💝
🥰 Girls Were Respect ☺

🍚Mr 👉 Perfect🔥
🍚Music Lover🎶
🍚Mahakal Bhakt🙏
🍚Friends Is Life ♥️
🍚Wish Me On 10 December🎂
🍚Attitude Depends On You😎

Nik-Name_Shiva 🍚​🎂​
LoGin In WoRld_20/3🍚​🎂​
Hobby_BiKe Reading 🍚​🎂​
Dushmano_ko_Thokna 🍚​🎂​

🍧Unique Boy💪
🍧Work Hard😎
🍧Dream Big😱
🍧Landed On Earth 19 March👍
🍧Royal Blood😎
🍧Love My Queen S💞

🔥Mr 😎Khalnayak 🍧
👼 Royal Entry 18 Jan🍧
🎶 Music Addict🍧
🏍 R15 Bike Lover🍧
🖤Pubg Lover🍧
🧒Cute Kameena 🍧
🔥Apni Marji Ka Malik🍧

🍚​🎂​ Mumma & Daddy👈
🍚​🎂​Cake Kill On 2 May👈
🍚​🎂​Ladka..KADAK H👈
🍚​🎂​Single Cute Kamina👈
🍚​🎂​Without HaseenA👈
🍚​🎂​ Ladkiyon Se Door
🍚​🎂​Aadat Se Majboor👈

Instagram Birthday Bio Ideas

  • Born for a reason👶on (your DOB)
  • Blow candles🕯️on (Your DOB)
  • Throw me wishes on🎉(your DOB)
  • Age increase every year on 📆🎉(Birth date)
  • Saw this world for the first time on👶🌍 (DOB)
  • (Your DOB) is the day so blessed🤗
  • Shower me with love ❤on (Your DOB)
  • Feed me cake on🎂 (your DOB)
  • Gift me 🎁 on (Your DOB)
  • The lucky date is 📆🎉(Birth date)
  • keep an alarm on ⏱️⏰️(birthday )

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Instagram Birthday Bio Ideas With Emoji

  • My Day 🥳(Birthday Date)
  • Keeping it Real😜 (Your Birthday Date)
  • My Story Started on 🎊🎉(Insert Your Birthday Date)
  • Stealing Your Heart Since ❤️❣️(Birthday Date)
  • Landing on Earth 🌎(Your Date of Birth)
  • Ready For Party on 🎊🎉🥳(Birthday Date)
  • Book Cake for Me on🎂 (Your Birthday)
  • Wish me on 🤗(Your Date Of Birth)
  • Order Cake On 🎂(Your Birthday Date)
  • Joined Earth Network on🌐🌍 (Date of birth)
  • Party on 🎊🎉🥳(Insert Your Birthday Date)
  • First Cry on 👶(Your Birthday Date)
  • Bless me On 📆(DOB)
  • On Earth Since 🌎(Your DOB)

Instagram birthday bio ideas with emoji for Girls

Miss World 🍚​🎂​
Pagli 100%….🍚​🎂​
Cute 100%…..🍚​🎂​
Dramebaaz 100%….🍚​🎂​
Rajputi Girl 100%….🍚​🎂​
Single 100%…🍚​🎂​
Wish Me On 10 August 🍚​🎂​

😉Simple Girl💯
😇Cute🔫 Criminal
👨Papa Ki Princess 👸
🤔Selectively Available 😎
🤕Proud To Be Hindu😘✌
😘Miss Me 19th December 🎂

November 27🍧

🍚 Daddy’s Girl👧
🍚 Proud To Be Indian 😎
🍚 First Cry On 10 July 😭
🍚 Love Me Like You Do😜
🍚 God Is Really Creative😅
🍚 Mean😉 Just Look At Me💕

Funny Birthday Bio For Instagram

  • born for a reason on Nov 3rd.
  • waiting for your gifts 🎁⏲️⏰ on 22nd December.
  • order my birthday cake🍰🍥🧁🎂 on 3rd Jan.
  • celebrations🥳🥳 start on Feb 4th.
  • expecting a dairy milk🍫🍫🍫🍩 on 2nd Feb.
  • doctor pinch 🩺🦹🥼👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ on Jan 3rd.
  • happy birthday to me on 1st aug.
  • blessed is the day on June 5th 🍩🍩.
  • keep an alarm⏰⏰ on 11 September 12 am.
  • age increasing on every June 5th👨‍🦯👨‍🦼.

इस पोस्ट की जानकारी आपको Birthday Bio For Instagram तथा Instagram Birthday Bio For Yourself कैसी लगी नीचे कमेंट करके जरूर बताएं तथा पोस्ट को शेयर भी जरूर करें।

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