Best Car Insurance Companies In USA – Auto Insurance Company in USA

Best Car Insurance Companies In USA: As per our 2022 statistics, the best auto insurance company in United States Of America, however its insurance items are easily available for the strategic local area individuals. If that doesn’t concern you, the next best option is State Ranch, which holds the No. 2 spot in our test.

In order to decide the best auto insurance company, we dissected the data of rates as well as the criticism of policyholders with a clear consideration of customer care, claims handling, customer persistence and policy reinstatement. We similarly asked study members how likely they were to assign their current guarantor to a driver seeking another policy.

Car Insurance Companies In USA

Best Car Insurance Companies in USA

Assuming you are looking for car insurance companies, this list can help you sift through the different backup plans in light of the elements that make the biggest difference to you. Although USAa and Homestead State are separate, you may be able to track down a better fit with one of the other eight car insurance companies in our ratings. In that capacity, it’s really smart to look at some back-up plans and their rates before purchasing or reinstating your policy.


USAA is the best insurance company in our ratings. As per our 2022 overview, USAA customers report the most significant level of consumer loyalty and are likely going to recalibrate their strategies and recommend USAA to different drivers. USAA likewise has one of the lowest rates in our review, beating the public average by 35%.

USAA insurance items, including auto, property holders and renters approach, are easily accessible to strategic local area individuals. Accordingly, not all drivers will be eligible for coverage through this guarantor.


Nationwide climbed two spots since our 2021 investigation, tying for the No. 2 spot. Nationwide is the second most notable score in our customer dependability and is probably going to be the recommended subrating or more common score in other subrating classifications. Nationwide also has sub-optimal rates for some drivers, especially those with a good driving record or bad credit.

State Farm

State Farm no. 3 better than expected in each of our subgratings, including Case Taking Care and Client Reliability, and No. 1 in our rating. It also performed well in our list of the least expensive car insurance companies for 2022. Its average expense was among the lowest in our ratings for drivers with absolutely spotless driving records for those ineligible to obtain a policy from USAA.

Top Rated Car Insurance Companies USA

1USAA4.3 Rating$1,000
2State Farm4.2 Rating$1,267
3Farmers4.1 Rating$1,917
3Nationwide4.1 Rating$1,327
3Geico4.1 Rating$1,148
6Allstate4.0 Rating$2,047
6Travelers4.0 Rating$1,371
8Progressive3.9 Rating$1,533
8AAA3.9 Rating$2,409
10American Family3.7 Rating$1,371

How much is car insurance in Florida?

Car Insurance Companies In florida

The average cost of car insurance in Florida is $2,762 per year for a full coverage policy, and the cost of minimum coverage is $997 per year on average. Compared to the national average cost of car insurance for 2022, which is $1,771 per year for full coverage, Florida drivers pay slightly more on average.

Of the six Florida companies analyzed, State Farm emerged as the most affordable company for full coverage. Its average annual rate is $1,973, or $164 per month, for a 35-year-old driver with good credit and a clean driving record. It was also the only company with an average full coverage rate below $2,000 per year.

In fact, according to Bankrate’s analysis, Florida is the third most expensive state in the country for full coverage car insurance. For example, the average full coverage premium in Georgia is 27 percent cheaper than Florida’s, at $2,009 per year. However, with the second-highest rates in the country, Louisiana beats Florida with an average annual premium of $2,864 for full coverage.

CompanyAverage full coverage rate per yearAverage minimum coverage rate per year
State Farm$1,973$790
Direct Auto$3,599$1,299

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Average car insurance cost in Florida

As per my view State Farm car insurance cost in florida is cheapest by all auto insurance company.

CompanyMonthly rate
State Farm$127

Not all car insurers are created equal. We studied over 10,000 drivers to get an idea of their car insurance experience, focusing on key areas such as customer support, claims care and customer loyalty. Using that data, we rated the best car insurance companies of 2022 to help you find the best one.

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