What Is Home Insurance? – Definition, Types, Benefits In English

What Is Home Insurance: We all know that there is no such thing as home in the world. After all it is a place where we and our family live happily. Where we weave thousands of memories and memories of a lifetime. But when we spend all our life’s savings on buying and building a house, we rarely realize that our home may even need protection by insurance.

Do we ever think that theft or robbery can happen in our dream house. Earthquakes, riots, fires and house burns can happen. And this is all too common. Apart from this, damage can also be caused by lightning, storm or cyclone. But the good thing is that we can protect our home from these dangers.

What Is Home Insurance In English

Yes, you can protect your home from damages by investing in a good home insurance policy or home owners insurance. Knowing the necessity of buying home insurance, do not wait for any disaster or accident. Buy home insurance today.

What Is Home Insurance

In home insurance, the boundary wall of a person’s private house and the contents of the house are insured. This insurance can also be taken by the tenant living in the rent and the landlord who is renting the house according to their needs. Its Basic plan covers a select few, and the Comprehensive plan covers all specific needs.

Home Insurance Coverage

  • In this, coverage is given to many types of damages to the house and its contents such as
  • fire and related accidents
  • water leak damage
  • theft and robbery
  • Jewelry, valuables and valuables coverage
  • Incidents like flood, storm, lightning, earthquake, riots and terrorism
  • Personal accident and public liability coverage

Benefits of Buying a Home Insurance Policy

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This insurance provides complete coverage for all your belongings, house structure, surroundings and your other living expenses.

Coverage Of House

This coverage covers the construction of the house which includes your entire house, electrical equipment, heating or air conditioning, plumbing etc. Remember that the land on which the house is built is not part of the land insurance coverage.

Cover for alternate housing i.e. alternate house

Under this cover, expenses incurred after the destruction of your house such as additional rent of a new temporary house, expenses of new furnishings of the house, travel and food expenses are included. But remember, do not forget to keep all receipts for any expenses incurred during the period of your temporary stay for the claim.

Additional Structure Coverage

This insurance policy provides cover for any additional structures around the house that are not attached to the house. Such as a separate garage, an adjoining wall of the house, a backyard shed, a retaining ball, driveway, mailbox, bridge etc.

Liability Cover

Liability cover is one of the most important features of any home insurance policy. This cover basically protects you from any legal liabilities. If there is loss of life or property of someone else in your house or courtyard.

Cover For personal Items

Home insurance policy covers your personal items, television set, computer, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner. This includes furniture such as ornaments, beds, sofas, dining tables as well as furnishing items such as curtains, rugs, etc. However, when it comes to personal items cover, most insurance companies fix the age limit of the cover.

Benefits of taking loan without mediator

What Is Home Insurance

If you take a loan in online mode, then you benefit in this. Because there are no mediators here, then your premium is low. Both your time and effort are saved in online medium.

Home Insurance Major features

  • Covers your property and its contents for a period of 10 years
  • under-insurance waiver
  • Auto Escalation @ 10% every year
  • Basic cover includes terrorist incidents
  • Insurance is not allowed on the market value of the building or similar

Are home insurance and home loan insurance the same thing?

No, home insurance and home loan insurance are completely two different products.

Is home loan insured?

Home loan insurance provides cover in case of accidental death or permanent total disability of the borrower. Home loan protection scheme is like a term insurance, i.e. you can decide the term of the insurance yourself. Your premium is decided according to the term of the insurance.

How is home insurance done?

Loss due to all these perils is covered in a home insurance policy. The policy also covers your rental expenses if your home is destroyed or damaged due to a hazard that is covered by the insurance plan, and you have to live in a rental house until you rebuild your home. .

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