All GTA V Cheat Codes PC – GTA V Cheat Codes For PC

In this post, I make a complete list of GTA V Cheat Codes PC. Many of you new game players play gta 5 games. Hence, I am making this post for the GTA V game lovers.

I know, almost every gamer loves this game and plays it once in their life. If you play this game you need gta cheat codes for gta V. So, scroll down and know about GTA V Cheat Codes For PC below.

GTA V Cheat Codes PC

GTA V Cheat Codes PC

  • Drunk Mode: LIQUOR
  • Fast Run: CATCHME
  • Fast Swim: GOTGILLS
  • Recharge Ability: POWERUP
  • Skyfall: SKYFALL
  • Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Mode: Click here to read the
  • Super Jump: HOPTOIT
  • Explosive Ammo Rounds: HIGHEX
  • Explosive Melee Attacks: HOTHANDS
  • Flaming Bullets: INCENDIARY
  • Lower Wanted Level: LAWYERUP
  • Slow Motion Aim: DEADEYE
  • Parachute: SKYDIVE
  • Weapons / Guns: TOOLUP
  • Change Weather: MAKEITRAIN
  • Director Mode: JRTALENT
  • Moon Gravity: FLOATER
  • Slippery Cars: SNOWDAY
  • Raise Wanted Level: FUGITIVE
  • Invincibility / God Mode: PAINKILLER
  • Max Health & Armor: TURTLE
  • Slow Motion: SLOWMO
  • Spawn BMX: BANDIT
  • Spawn Buzzard: BUZZOFF
  • Spawn Caddy: HOLEIN1
  • Spawn Sanchez: OFFROAD
  • Spawn Dodo Airplane: EXTINCT
  • Spawn Comet: COMET
  • Spawn Duster: FLYSPRAY
  • Spawn Limo: VINEWOOD
  • Spawn PCJ-600: ROCKET
  • Spawn Rapid GT: RAPIDGT
  • Spawn Stunt Plane: BARNSTORM
  • Spawn Trashmaster: TRASHED
  • Spawn Duke O’Death: DEATHCAR
  • Spawn Kraken Sub: BUBBLES

Some other GTA V Cheat Codes PC

GTA 5 Cheat Codes PC
Fall from the SkySKYFALL
Increase Wanted LevelFUGITIVE
Slippery Cars on the RoadSNOWDAY
Exploding PunchHOTHANDS
Bullets that explodeHIGHEX
Flaming BulletsINCENDIARY
Get Character DrunkLIQUOR
Spawn a BMW BicycleBANDIT
Change WeatherMAKEITRAIN
Recharge Special AbilityPOWERUP
Activate Low GravityFLOATER
Play the Game in Slow MotionSLOWMO
Spawn a Garbage TruckTRASHED
Spawn a Stunt PlaneBARNSTORM
Spawn a LimousineVINEWOOD
Spawn a Crop Duster PlaneFLYSPRAY
Spawn a Golf CartHOLEIN1
Spawn a different Sports CarRAPIDGT
Spawn a Dirt BikeOFFROAD
Spawn an Armed HelicopterBUZZOFF
Get all WeaponsTOOLUP
Full Health and ArmourTURTLE
Improve AimingDEADEYE
Spawn a sports carCOMET
Spawn a MotorcycleROCKET
Get a ParachuteSKYDIVE
Decrease Wanted LevelLAWYERUP
Become InvinciblePAINKILLER

GTA V Cheat Codes For PC

GTA V Cheat Codes for PC
GTA 5 Cheat Codes PC
  • CATCHME- Run faster
  • GOTGILLS- Swim faster
  • HOPTOIT- Jump higher
  • FUGITIVE- Raise wanted level
  • LAWYERUP- Reduce wanted level
  • DEADEYE- Aim better
  • LIQUOR- Make your character inebriated
  • SKYDIVE- Get a parachute
  • HIGHEX- Exploding bullets
  • INCENDIARY- Flaming bullets
  • PAINKILLER- Become invincible for five minutes
  • TOOLUP- Get all weapons
  • TURTLE- Full health and armour
  • POWERUP- Recharge special ability
  • SLOWMO- Play the game in slow motion
  • JRTALENT- Play as any NPC in GTA 5
  • TRASHED- Spawn a garbage truck
  • MAKEITRAIN- This changes the weather
  • SNOWDAY- Ensure traffic chaos thanks to slippery cars
  • FLOATER- Enter this cheat and get inside a vehicle
  • BARNSTORM- Spawn a stunt plane
  • SKYFALL- Fall from the sky with no chance of using a parachute
  • HOLEIN1- Spawn a golf cart
  • COMET- Spawn a sports car
  • RAPIDGT- Spawn a different sports car
  • VINEWOOD- Spawn a limousine
  • ROCKET- Spawn a motorcycle
  • OFFROAD- Spawn a dirt bike
  • HOTHANDS- Exploding punch
  • BANDIT- Spawn a BMX bicycle
  • BUZZOFF- Spawn an armed helicopter
  • FLYSPRAY- Spawn a crop duster plane

GTA 5 Cheats Car PC

Many of you like to use cars in GTA V. So, In this section you see all types of GTA 5 cars cheat codes which helps you to get fast car and stylish car in grand theft auto five game.

GTA 5 Cheat Codes PC
GTA V Cheat Codes PC
  • Spawn Comet- COMET
  • Spawn Duster- FLYSPRAY
  • Spawn Limo- VINEWOOD
  • Spawn PCJ-600- ROCKET
  • Moon Gravity- FLOATER
  • Slippery Cars- SNOWDAY
  • Slow Motion- SLOWMO
  • Spawn BMX- BANDIT
  • Spawn Buzzard- BUZZOFF
  • Spawn Caddy- HOLEIN1
  • Spawn Rapid GT- RAPIDGT
  • Spawn Sanchez- OFFROAD
  • Spawn Stunt Plane- BARNSTORM
  • Spawn Trashmaster- TRASHED
  • Spawn Duke O’Death- DEATHCAR
  • Spawn Kraken Sub- BUBBLES
  • Spawn Dodo Airplane- EXTINCT

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Important GTA V PC Cheat Codes

GTA V Cheat Codes for PC
GTA 5 Cheat Codes for PC
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gta 5 cheats pc helicopterBUZZOFF
gta 5 cheats pc bikeROCKET
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GTA 5 Cheats Code PC FAQ

Is there a money cheat for GTA 5 PC?

No, there is no cheat code here to grants you money. All money must be earned in-gameplay.

How do you activate cheats in GTA 5 for PC?

You enter cheats in GTA 5 on PC. Now Press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard to bring up the cheat code console and then type the cheat code in that box.

Can you spawn a jet using GTA 5 cheats?

No, there is no more cheat code to spawn a jet plane. You use alternatives like the Dodo, Buzzard and Duster.

Can you spawn a Bugatti in GTA 5?

No. The Bugatti in GTA 5 Game is called the Adder. So, there is no code For Bugatti to spawn it.

I think you all like these GTA V Cheat Codes PC. If you have any question then comment below and also share this post.

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