Amazon Quiz Answers Today 4 January 2022 (100% WORKING) Win 5000

Here I add Amazon Quiz Answers Today 4 January 2022. Many Of you playing this QUIZ game on your mobile phone using Amazon App. Many users are now want to win this amazon quiz. So, I add today amazon quiz answers for you.

Which helps you a lot to win this quiz. Now Scroll down and check today amazon quiz today answer. I add all 5 questions answer. So, read it and use it one your quiz. Amazon quiz time questions are mostly based on general knowledge only. So, If you want to enter the Amazon quiz time lucky draw then you must play Today Amazon quiz.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Here you can find all the correct Today Amazon quiz answers. I know you all like to play amazon fun zone jackpot quiz answers today. So if you are fond of exciting prizes then it is the right time to play Today Amazon Daily Quiz. You can also visit Certlibrary for free certification exam questions.

How to play Amazon Daily Quiz?

  1. This is Only Amazon app contest, so download the app first.
  2. Now open Amazon app and login into your account.
  3. Go to the homepage and search for word Quiz or Funzone
  4. Next page you see the “Amazon Funzone Quiz Time Daily” banner.
  5. Click on the quiz time FunZone banner and here you see all live Amazon Quiz Today page.
  6. Click on the Daily Quiz banner. You can find all the correct Amazon quiz today answers above.
  7. Take the quiz and win. So, play the Amazon quiz daily.

Amazon Quiz Answers 4 January 2022 Answers Win 15000

Question 1: Israel opened its embassy for the first time in which country in 2021?

Answer: (A) Bahrain

Question 2: President Joe Biden recently test-drove which all-electric car?

Answer: (D) GMC Hummer

Question 3: Apple’s recent release of which ‘computer accessory’ led to amusing reactions on Twitter?

Answer: (A) Polishing cloth

Question 4: This visual shows a cosplay of a famous literary character, which was played on screen by which famous actor?

Answer: (D) Johnny Depp

Question 5: What is the name for this traditional garment, which is the national dress of Japan, meaning “something to wear”.

Answer: (B) Kimono

Today’s Amazon Daily Quiz Answers- Win ₹1,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Short Answers: A, D, A, D, B

  • Correct Answer: (A) Bahrain
  • Correct Answer: (D) GMC Hummer
  • Correct Answer: (A) Polishing cloth
  • Correct Answer: (D) Johnny Depp
  • Correct Answer: (B) Kimono

STORY – Amazon Quiz Answers 4 January 2022

Amazon Quiz 4 January 2022 Contest Details

  • Quiz Date – 4 January 2022
  • Winner Announcement – Today 12 PM
  • Amazon Quiz Today Prize – 25K Amazon QuizTime
  • Daily Timing – Morning 12 to 12

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Amazon Quiz Answers 2 January 2022 Answers Win 5K

Question 1: Who among these recently became the oldest person to go into space?

Correct Answer: (D) William Shatner

Question 2: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who was recently removed as Manager of Manchester United, represented which national team as a player?

Correct Answer: (A) Norway

Question 3: The new headquarters for the Council of the EU, nicknamed Space Egg, is located in which city?

Correct Answer: (C) Brussels

Question 4: What is the name of this extinct flightless bird, which was endemic to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean?

Correct Answer: (C) Dodo

Question 5: Which Mughal empress commissioned this famous monument?

Correct Answer: (A) Bega Begum

Amazon Quiz Answers 1 January 2022

Question 1: Which former …. Djokovic to the 2021 title?

Correct Answer: (A) Goran Ivanisevic

Question 2: Which singer-actor … Cinematic Universe as Eros, the brother of Thanos?

Correct Answer: (C) Harry Styles

Question 3: Which city will be … by Kolkata-based RPSG Ventures?

Correct Answer: (B) Lucknow

Question 4: On this country’s flag, you would find the words ‘Order e progresso’. What does it mean?

Correct Answer: (A) Order and progress

Question 5: Who was the first mascot for this fast-food franchise?

Correct Answer: (A) Speedee

Amazon Quiz Answers 31 December 2021

Question 1: Which actor is set to wear the black cape as the latest Batman in an upcoming feature film on the superhero?

Correct Answer: (B) Robert Pattinson

Question 2: Which team did Namibia defeat to register its first-ever win in a T20 World Cup match?

Correct Answer: (A) Netherlands

Question 3: Which city now boasts the highest ‘infinity pool in the world’?

Correct Answer: (D) Dubai

Question 4: During a game of this sport, which of these scores are you likely to see?

Correct Answer: (C) 15-0

Question 5: This ancient statue is believed to depict which Greek goddess?

Correct Answer: (A) Aphrodite

Amazon Quiz 30 December 2021

Question 1: Adil Teli set a Guinness World Record by cycling from where to where in just over 8 days?

Correct Answer is- (C) Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Question 2: In 2021, Devon Conway scored a double century on debut breaking whose 125 year old record for the highest score on debut in England?

Correct Answer is- (B) KS Ranjitsinhji

Question 3: Which country, one of the top oil exporters, has declared that it will achieve a ‘zero-net emission’ target by 2060?

Correct Answer is- (A) Saudi Arabia

Question 4: 1 half in a game in this sport is how many minutes long?

Correct Answer is- (C) 45

Question 5: The final destination of this ill fated ship was supposed to be Pier 59 in which city?

Correct Answer is- (C) New York

Today Amazon Quiz Answer

President Joe Biden recently test-drove which all-electric car?

Answer – GMC Hummer

Israel opened its embassy for the first time in which country in 2021?

Answer – Bahrain

How To Play Daily Amazon Funzone Quiz?

Download The Amazon App From Play Store OR Apple Store.
Open & Sign in to Amazon App.
Go to Home Page And Scroll Down then you will see “Amazon Funzone Quiz” Banner, Click on it.
Now just tap on Start Tab And play the quiz.

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