99+ Best Telegram Channels for Intraday Trading In 2024

Hi, Welcome To OPGYAN.com, In this post you all know about Telegram Channels for Intraday Trading. I make this post to give you the best Telegram Channel for Intraday Trading lists which you can use for knowledge of the stock market and also how to invest money in it.

In the year 2024, every person wants to earn money with the help of Trading and Stocks, but even today many users do not have any idea about Trading, in such a situation, all those users have only one question, how to learn Trading, so today I have brought complete information about Telegram channels for Intraday Trading for all of you users.

Telegram Channels for Intraday Trading

Telegram Channels For Intraday Trading

1. Stock Market Ninjas

Friends, if you are also looking for a high-quality channel that provides valuable information on premium services such as BankNifty trade setups, positional trade ideas, swing trading setups, and long and short-term stock views, then Stock Market Ninjas is a perfect choice.

On their Telegram channel, you can access all this information for free. Currently, the channel has over 50,000 members, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Click on the provided link to join the channel today and become a member.

Stock Market Ninjas


2. Bulls Vs Bear

Dear friends, this Telegram channel is best for Intraday Trading on your device on the go. It provides valuable information on stock market tips and trading to all its users. Additionally, premium services are available for interested individuals. If you wish to join this channel, you can find the link below. Click on it to join the channel today and start benefiting from its offerings.

best free telegram channel for intraday trading



If you share an interest in options trading and are specifically seeking a channel dedicated to it, the Trade Onomics channel might be the perfect fit for you. This channel provides BankNifty and Option Trading calls with an impressive accuracy rate of 90%. Moreover, by subscribing to their premium service, you will receive additional benefits such as customer support and training. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, click on the provided link to visit the channel today.


4. Honest stock marketer

If you engage in Intraday Trading and are seeking a channel that provides 2 to 3 free Intraday calls, the Honest Stock Marketer Telegram channel can be immensely beneficial. This channel offers stock market predictions and comprehensive market analysis. Currently, the channel has amassed over 30,000 members. To join the channel and embark on your trading journey, simply click on the provided link.

Intraday Trading Telegram Channel



If you are interested in receiving the best trading tips and stop loss targets for 2024 without any cost, ONLY PROFIT is the ideal channel for you. On this channel, you will have the opportunity to learn about Options trading, Intraday Trading, and Swing Trading, and receive daily updates on complete stock market information. Furthermore, if you join their premium services group, you will gain access to numerous exclusive facilities.


6. Growth Stock

The Growth Stock Telegram channel is an excellent resource for guiding you towards profitable investments. Through thorough research, they provide a daily Bank Nifty call that is highly reliable, eliminating the need to search for multiple calls from various channels. The channel’s standout feature is its impressive track record of hitting targets consistently. Additionally, their Premium group offers exceptional calls, accuracy, and support. Join the Growth Stock channel today to benefit from their expertise.


7. Nifty 50 & Stocks

If you are looking for the top Telegram Channels related to the Stock Market and Intraday Trading, you should definitely consider joining this channel. It offers free access to comprehensive information and insights. Click on the button below to join the channel today.


8. Tech Intraday Trading

This Telegram channel offers regular updates on Nifty Options, BankNifty Options, futures, equity, and stock cash, all free of cost. Traders like yourself can benefit from these updates to make profitable decisions. If you wish to join this channel and become a part of the community, simply click on the link provided below. Start maximizing your profits today.


9. Trade Onomics

The TradeOnomics Telegram channel is widely regarded as the premier channel for intraday and swing trading. If you have an interest in intraday trading, joining this channel is a must. The channel’s admin shares invaluable tips on option trading, intraday trading, Nifty/BankNifty, and stocks, all free of charge. To become a member of this channel, simply click on the provided button and join today.


10. StockPro®️Official

If you are a beginner looking to learn about the stock market, the Stock Pro Telegram Channel offers valuable and cost-free content on topics such as stock market basics, intraday trading, Bank Nifty, and investment.

It’s important to note that this channel is registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) and is led by Dr. Seema Jain. Users of this channel have access to a wealth of information, including stock market strategies, market trends, chart analysis, free courses, webinars, and more. Join the channel today by clicking on the provided link.


Intraday Trading Telegram Channels

Channel NameChannel Link
Bulls Bears TradersJoin Now
Shree Ganesh Stocks Join Now
MCX Tips TraderJoin Now
TradeOnomicsJoin Now
Honest Stock Marketer
Trade On DataJoin Now
Intraday_Stock_TipsJoin Now

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Telegram Channels Intraday Trading FAQ

What are Intraday Trading Telegram Channels?

Telegram channels are dedicated to providing real-time market insights and analysis for intraday traders.

Are these channels suitable for beginner traders?

Yes, these channels cater to traders of all levels, providing educational resources and guidance for beginners.

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