10+ Best SEBI Registered Telegram Channels In India 2024

Hi, If you are looking for a SEBI Registered Telegram Channels List, then you come to the right place, here in this post, I provide you the link to the best SEBI Registered Telegram Channel for Options Trading link to join.

If you invest in the Stock Market and are searching for Best SEBI Registered Channels on Telegram, then you have come to the right article, because many users are looking for SEBI Registered Telegram channels List, so all those users Today’s article is very important for you, if you also invest in Stocks and Trading, then definitely read the article till the end.

SEBI Registered Telegram Channels

What is SEBI Registered Telegram channels?

Many people do not know the full form of SEBI, so let me tell you that the full form of SEBI is the Security Exchange Board of India, which you know in Hindi as Securities and Exchange Board of India, about SEBI. To know more, click on this link and get complete information.

Friends, on the SEBI Registered channel, you will get detailed information of Stocks, Trading And Investment for free, we are providing some such SEBI Registered Channels below, by joining you can easily learn how to invest, on these channels you will get Live webinars are available for free, which you can join and gain knowledge.

SEBI Registered Telegram Channels List

Let’s talk about the SEBI Registered Telegram Channel List. Shares and trading are a new tradition in this conventional world. A greater percentage of people are showing keen interest in shares and trading as they are competing for the profit percentage. Stock, Trading and 5Paisa Telegram Channel is an evolution in this era and it is going to completely change the mindset of people.

1. STOCKS TIME (SEBI Registered RA)

If you are a new trader or hold some experience in trading this channel perfectly fits for you. This is the Official Telegram channel of Ashish Kumar, a SEBI Registered Research Analyst. They provide daily insights and analysis to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

This channel has a bunch of users in their channel becoz they provide right information to its users. Whether you’re an experienced trader or a beginner, their tips can help you upgrade your trading experience. Join their channel today and start seeing the benefits for yourself.

Telegram Channel

2. BullsVsBears (Not SEBI Registered)

Dear friends, this BullsVsBears Telegram channel is the best Non – SEBI Registered Telegram Channel. It provides all its users with valuable information on Stock Market related tips, charts analysis and future investment information. Additionally, premium services are available for those who are interested in being professionals in Stock Market.

If you want to join this channel and be a stock market then you must join this channel which gives your more value than any other channel in the telegram app. Click on it to join the channel today and start taking advantage of what it has to offer.

Telegram Channel

3. StockPro®️Official (SEBI Registered)

With more than 229K subscribers, StockPro official is one of the best SEBI registered telegram channels on the list. I’ve written a lot of content related to the telegram channels about the stock market, and I’ve listed “StockPro official” in almost all of them.

Moreover, StockPro Official offers a wide range of high-quality courses and services. With or without a purchase, anyone can learn all about the stock market and trading strategies. The station has over three lakh subscribers, demonstrating its popularity and reliability.

Visit Channel

4. Jᴀᴄᴋᴘᴏᴛ TʀᴀᴅᴇX (Not SEBI Registered)

“JackpotTradeX” is another best intraday groups in the current market. They have 130K subscribers including both traders & investors. Their call accuracy rate is 96% which is much higher than similar stock market telegram groups. They provide regular calls on BankNifty, Index Options, Equity Cash, and Swing Trades with an accuracy of over 95%.

Join Jᴀᴄᴋᴘᴏᴛ TʀᴀᴅᴇX

5. Stock Gainers Training (SEBI REGISTERED)

Stock Gainers Training is more like a learning platform for beginners who show interest in learning stock market investing and trading. Kapil Verma is a SEBI-registered analyst and the owner of the stock gainers training telegram channel.

SEBI Registered Telegram Channels In India

On Stock Gainers Training you can learn to study the stock market behavior by analyzing their provided calls, charts, and data. However, you can also join their prime membership to get more accurate information or learn how to invest in the stock market without taking more damage to your capital.

Visit Channel

6. Financial Independence Services SEBI Registered

Financial Independent Services aka FIS is one of the best telegram channels for those who are looking for free calls & tips. The channel is blessed with almost 10K subscribers and the numbers are increasing because of the free calls they provide.

Similarly to the other channels on the list, FIS is consistent and trustworthy. You can depend on their views and free calls. Moreover, you will get charts and technical analyses from certified admins.

Visit Channel


SharesNservices.com is one of the best telegram channels for share market trading and investing. If you don’t like paying for any trading calls and tips on any telegram channel, you can still benefit from joining the channel for free. At the same time, if you are willing to invest in some premium services, ShareNservices could be one of the best telegram channels for you. ShareNservices has over 25 years of experience in providing financial tips and pieces of advice.

Visit Channel

8. Equity99 Telegram channel (SEBI Registered)

Equity99 Telegram channel is considered one of the reliable SEBI Registered channels, on this channel you will get more than 2 lakh subscribers, on this channel you will get Stock Market related daily chart analysis, news, and price movement alert information for free. are shared.

If you are a beginner and want to know how to do trading and investment, then join this channel today, click on the given button to go to the channel and join.

Telegram Channel

9. Raja Trades Stocks | SEBI REGISTERED

Raja Trades Stocks is another excellent SEBI registered telegram channel on the list. With around 14 thousand subscribers, the channel provides great stock market content that is useful for traders as well as investors. Furthermore, on Raja Trades Stocks, you will get trendy news and updates related to the stock market. You will also get the admin’s unbiased personal views on stocks, IPOs, and other investible belongings.

Visit Channel

10. Trade On Data Institute

Friends, Trade On Data Institute is also one of the Upcoming famous telegram channels, where you will get to see more than 80 thousand members. On this channel, you are provided with daily investment calls, education about various trade types, and advise for free. If you want to join this channel, then click on the given button and join the channel.

Telegram Channel

11. King Search Harry (SEBI Registered)

Kingsearch Harry is one of the best SEBI registered Research Analyst telegram channel and has at least 15 years of experience as a Stock market research analyst.

On this channel you are provided with trading tips, investment ideas, and advice calls etc. information for free, in today’s time you will get to see more than 1 lakh members on their channel. Join the channel today. Click on the button given and join the channel.

Telegram Channel

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Best Sebi Registered Telegram Channel

Best Sebi Registered Telegram ChannelJoin Link
Stockbox Trading (SEBI Registered)Click Here
Chase AlphaClick Here
Stock Box TradingClick Here
Stocks Gainer TrainingClick Here
Stock WizardClick Here
ST⭕️CK WIZARD (SEBI Registered RA)Click Here
FIS Sebi RegisteredClick Here
Stocks Pro OfficialClick Here
RBI NABARD SEBI Grade A B NotesClick Here
SMT SEBI RegisteredClick Here
RBI | SEBI | NABARD Grade A & B AssistantClick Here
CA Jagadeesh-SEBI REGISTERED Research analystClick Here
Badshai TradingClick Here
Asmita patel sebi registredClick Here
Asmita Patel (Trading SEBI )Click Here

SEBI Registered Research Analyst Telegram Channels Lists in 2024

If you are searching for SEBI Registered Research Analyst-related Telegram channels, then you can see the list given below and can easily join by selecting Channels from them.

Channel NameChannel Link
SharesNservices.comJoin Now
Best Stock ChoiceJoin Now
SGSSL YVCBPL ResearchJoin Now
CA JagadeeshJoin Now
Nifty 50 & Stocks Join Now

How to join a Free SEBI Registered Telegram Channel

Joining a free SEBI-registered telegram channel is very easy. Here are some easy steps to do so:

  • Step 1: First, you must install the Telegram app from the “Google Play Store” if you are an Android user.
  • Step 2: Install the Telegram app from the “App Store” if you are an iPhone user.
  • Step 3: Later, open the Telegram app, minimize it, and click the links I’ve listed further. You’ll automatically get redirected to the best SEBI-registered telegram channel.
  • Step 4: Tap on the Join Now button.
  • Step 5: And that’s how you successfully join a SEBI-registered telegram channel.
  • Step 6: In case the links are not working for some reason, you can search manually by typing the name of the telegram channel.

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Which is the best SEBI-registered Telegram Channel?

Stock Gainers Training (SEBI REGISTERED) is one of the best telegram channels that provides accurate and research-based stock tips consistently. Mr. Kapil Verma is a SEBI-registered analyst, and is also the founder of Stock Gainers Training.

Are our research and ranking fake?

You shouldn’t rely only on research and ranking.

Which is the best Telegram Channel for Intraday?

Bombay Trader is one of the best and most popular telegram channels that shares complete information about intraday trading.

Disclaimer: Every listed telegram channel provide the stock market information or tips for educational purpose only. You must always consult before making any investment in stock market trading or investing.


With the help of all these SEBI-registered Telegram channels, you can learn Stock market and trading from experienced Analysts and also ask your questions to. In today’s time, every Stock Advisor must have a YouTube channel of his own. It happens, you can go to their YouTube channel and watch the videos and take knowledge.

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