199+ Best Active Telegram Movie Download Channels List 2024

In this post you all know about Active Telegram Movie Download Channels List. If you finding Movie Download Telegram Channel List. Here I add most of the best channels which is available on the internet and also on the Telegram Application.

Every one of you searches for Telegram Movie Channels, because nowadays everyone searches a lot on the internet to get everything easily, but does he get everything, no, so for that reason I have prepared this post so that You can easily get all the information related to Movie Download Channels.

Telegram Movie Download Channel

Telegram Movie Download Channels

Right now many people watch movies on Telegram and the country is not right for you but secretly people watch it which is wrong but still no one can stop watching, just the government has put many people on it, so I request everyone. That he should not watch movies in this way, the list I have given is available on the internet, so I have added them to it.

In this, all the information of the day is available on Telegram channel and Telegram application is spreading very fast in India as well as in countries like Russia, America, New Zealand, Britain, England etc. Let’s use and Telegram channel has become the biggest medium to connect, no matter what is the exchange of things, giving anything to someone or downloading something to you, now you get it easily on Telegram.

1. TelegramGuru Movies

If you’re searching for one of the finest movie channels on Telegram, look no further! This channel provides instant access to the latest movies, making it a must-visit. With a dedicated fanbase of over 25,000 subscribers (as of December 2022), the channel is experiencing rapid growth. It regularly uploads new movies and web series, encompassing a wide range of content including Hollywood, Bollywood, and Indian regional cinema. Join this channel today to stay up to date with the latest releases.

Telegram Movie Download Channels


2. FilmySky

With an active community of over 12,200 subscribers, this channel consistently shares a diverse selection of movies and web series at regular intervals. It caters to a wide range of tastes, featuring content from both Indian and Western cinemas. Joining this channel will grant you access to fascinating movie libraries and their distinctive collection of content.

FilmySky Telegram Movie Download Channels



With a thriving community of nearly 20,000 members, this Telegram channel allows you to request your favorite movies. Language is no barrier here, as you can find a wide variety of regional content, including Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, and more. Simply join the group and make your movie requests to enjoy films in the language of your choice.


Movies Planet Channel

Movies Planet Channel Telegram Movie Download Channel

On 🎬 Movies Planet Telegram channel, you get to watch all Hindi, Animation and South movies, if we talk about the users of this channel, then at this time you will get more than 60k users on the channel if you are interested in joining the channel, So click on the given link and join the channel.



MoviesEmpire offers an extensive collection of content that encompasses global cinema. If you’re interested in exploring beyond Hollywood, such as Korean dramas or Japanese movies, MoviesEmpire is the perfect channel for you. They have a wide range of options to cater to your preferences and provide a diverse viewing experience.


FilmyZilla Movies

For movie enthusiasts, there is another fantastic Telegram channel that houses a vast library of films from Hollywood, Bollywood, and various OTT platforms. Despite being relatively new, this channel has quickly garnered a subscriber base of over 19,000. It primarily focuses on offering Hindi-dubbed movies and consistently shares the latest content. If you’re looking to have access to a wide range of movies at your disposal, joining this channel is a must.


Horror Movie Zone

There are many users who like Bollywood and Hollywood Horror Movies very much, if you are also one of them who is searching about Horror movies telegram channels, then on Horror Movie Zone Telegram channel you will find all kinds of horror movies Will be able to see, you will get more than 80k users on this channel, so click on Button to go to the channel today and join the channel.


Filmy Scene

Join this channel for access to the latest content from the world of OTT and movies. It offers an extensive library of both the latest releases and timeless classics, ensuring you never have to face boredom. Discover amazing movies to watch and dive into the world of entertainment.

The channel primarily focuses on uploading Hindi-dubbed movies and provides regular updates, often posting new content every day. With its rapid growth, surpassing 10,000 subscribers in a short span of time, this channel continues to attract more visitors every day.


Netflixx India Here

If you also want to watch and download the latest movies and web series released on Netflix for free, then join the Free Latest Netflix Movies Channel today, because all the OTT movies are available on this channel, and in current this channel But you will find more than 20k users. Click on the link given to visit the channel today.


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Telegram Movie Channels with Links for Free Movies

In this telegram channel movie download link, I have added some list on which you can reach those channels by typing and join them, it is easy to join, just click and you will join it, keep in mind that you See also, if your work is done then get out of those channels, sometimes some channels can also take your information or can add you to any other type of wrong telegram group.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
Filmyzilla Movies🎬Join Now
PVRJoin Now
Bollywood And Hollywood MoviesJoin Now
❤️Netflix Movies OriginalJoin Now
Marvel Movies Free🎬Join Now
🎥Horror Movie ZoneJoin Now
Malayalam Movies DubbedJoin Now
Movies HD ChannelJoin Now
Latest Movies Files❤️Join Now
Movie SeriesJoin Now
English Dubbed AnimeJoin Now
Money Heist x NetflixJoin Now
Movies Dubbed EntertainmentJoin Now
❤️Hollywood Movies NewsJoin Now
Digi Cinema🎥Join Now

Telegram Movie Channel Link 2024

Netflixx India Here
Channel NameJoining Link
❤️Movie Series DB Download LinkJoin Now
Hindi / Bollywood MoviesJoin Now
Netflix Movies Group Link🎥Join Now
❤️Amazon Prime HD Movie LinkJoin Now
2024 Hindi Movie Channel Link🎬Join Now
Panjabi Movies Channel LinkJoin Now
🎥Hollywood Movies Download LinkJoin Now
Movie Series Download LinkJoin Now

Telegram Movie Channel Link Hindi

I know all the addresses of Hindi movies, everyone in India wants to watch Hindi movies, along with South Indian movies and other types of languages like Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi etc. They are considered the best, but you may also see them on the Telegram application and join carefully, if the work is done, then you will be out from these Movie Download Telegram Channels.

Telegram Channel NameChannel Link
New South Indian Hindi Movies HD🎥Join From Here
Bollywood Movies HD New Hindi HollywoodJoin From Here
Cinema Hub🎬Join From Here
🎥Hollywood Movies new HD Hindi BollywoodJoin From Here
Netflix Bollywood Hollywood MoviesJoin From Here

Best Telugu Movie Telegram Channels

Telegram Channel NameChannel Link
Telugu Cinemahub🎥Join From Here
New Telugu MoviesJoin From Here
🎥New South Indian Hindi Movies HDJoin From Here
All Telugu moviesJoin From Here
Movies Telugu New HD Dubbed LatestJoin From Here

Best Malayalam Movie Telegram Channels

Telegram Channel NameChannel Link
Malayalam MoviesJoin From Here
Cinima World🎥Join From Here
Mollywood DiariesJoin From Here
Malayalam Dubbed MoviesJoin From Here

Best Bengali Movie and Web Series Telegram Channels

Telegram Channel NameChannel Link
HD Bengali Movie🎬Join From Here
🎥Latest Bengali MoviesJoin From Here
Addatimes Bengali SeriesJoin From Here
Bengali Web Series Hoichoi🎬Join From Here

Anime Telegram Movies Channels

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
αηιмє ¢нαηηєℓJoin Now
Death Note Telegram ChannelJoin Now
Anime SeriesJoin Now
Anime MoviesJoin Now
Gila-Gila AnimeJoin Now

Best Kannada Movie Telegram Channels

Telegram Channel NameChannel Link
🎬Kannada Rockers MoviesJoin From Here
New Kannada Hit Movies in HDJoin From Here
Tamil Telugu Kannada MoviesJoin From Here

Best Tamil Movie Telegram Channels

Telegram Channel NameChannel Link
🎬Tamil Telugu Kannada MoviesJoin From Here
Tamil Movies latest New HDJoin From Here
Movie SeriesJoin From Here

Gujarati Telegram Movies Channels

Benefits of Telegram Channels for Movies Download

  • Finding a specific movie can be challenging and time-consuming.
  • Torrents and free movie websites are not always reliable or stable.
  • Downloading movies from torrents and random websites can potentially harm your device.
  • To overcome these issues, we have compiled a list of the best Telegram movie channels.
  • Joining these channels provides access to a vast collection of movies in different languages.
  • Enjoy the convenience and variety of movies available on these Telegram channels.

Also Join These Channels

Dear friends, it is essential to understand that downloading movies constitutes piracy, which is against copyright laws. I kindly request you to refrain from downloading movies illegally. Instead, I encourage you to watch movies and web series through legal means whenever possible.


How do I join a Telegram movie download channel?

To join a Telegram movie download channel, you need to search for the channel name within the Telegram app and click on the “Join” button.

What are Telegram movie download channels?

Telegram movie download channels are channels on the Telegram messaging app that provide users with access to a wide range of movies and TV shows for download.

Are these movie downloads legal?

No, The legality of movie downloads from Telegram channels depends on the copyright laws in your country. It is important to familiarize yourself with the regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Can I access these movie download channels on multiple devices?

Yes, you can access Telegram movie download channels on multiple devices as long as you are logged in with the same Telegram account.

As of now, You all know about Telegram Movie Download Channels List for year 2024. If you want to ask any question and also wanna send any feedback then comment below guys, I always here to help you. I hope that you would have liked this article, if you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends on social media, so that they too can get this information.

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