How to buy a domain name godaddy

How To Buy Domain Name Godaddy: Hello Friends, I think you all want to buy new domain name and think that how to find domain name and where to buy domain name. In this post, I talk about buying domain name from Godaddy website.

As you all know that Godaddy is the best domain registrar provider in the world. Godaddy is a U.S. based domain provider, its founder name is Bob Parsons and Time is Godaddy CEO Scott W. Wagner.


In the online market, you see number of domain provider websites but GoDaddy is always on the top among them because millions of websites are registered by Godaddy only. So, why don’t you buy the domain name Godaddy. So, scroll down and learn how to buy a new domain.



Important Point Before Buying Domain Name

  1. First, you select your Niche, By Niche you buy a domain.
  2. Choose a Name according to your Niche for you New Domain Registration.
  3. Choose your domain extension like .com, .net, .org, etc.
  4. Choose Company where you buy domain and here I tell about Godaddy.
  5. Don’t buy trademarked domains
  6. Don’t buy a domain name which too similar to an existing sites
  7. Buy a shorter Domain rather than longer etc.

So, these are some most important point before Registration Domain Name.

How To Buy Domain Name From Godaddy

  1. First, you read important point before buy Domain name and then Search on Google “GODADDY” or Click Here.
buy domain in godaddy

2. When you open Godaddy website you see like this, In Middle, you see a blank bar in a blank bar you enter your domain name like I enter “yourdomainname” and Click on Search Button.

Note:- Here you see domain for Rs 349 or $5.99, this price is only for new domain registrar. So if you are new to godaddy then you can use your ID and buy cheap domain name for 1 year.

buy domain in godaddy 2

3. You see I search “yourdomainname” and GoDaddy showing me many options which are available for my Domain name. You choose any of domain extension but I highly recommend you to buy .com domain, if .com not available you may choose .net, .org etc.

buy domain in godaddy 3

So, choose your domain name and click on Add Cart Button. and after that click on Checkout Button which you see in the right top corner.

buy domain in godaddy 4

4. After Clicking on Checkout button Godaddy Website redirects you to the payment area. Here you may care full becoz if you want to buy domain for 1 year then you need to change year limits. In GoDaddy it defaults selected for 2 years you may change it to for 1 year.

buy domain in godaddy 5
buy domain in godaddy 6

I change domain limit from 2 years to 1 years. after changing you see some difference in total paying amount.

buy domain in godaddy 7

So, You see changes in price. Please, not worry about this, if you buy domain for 2 years then GoDaddy gives you discount for one 1 year domain name buy. Ok, guys. They never cheat you. You all also add additional privacy for the domain at only 99Rs or $0.99.

5. So, you are new users then you may first create your account on Godaddy. So, Now click on Create account or if you have an account then Click on Sign In.

buy domain in godaddy 8

In this section you add your info like e-mail. your password for Godaddy account, username, after that click on Create account.

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After that, you enter more of your details like phone number, address, and more. After filling all your information, Godaddy redirects you to the payment mode, you use your credit card or debit card or any other method you prefer to buy the domain.

When you pay for your domain payment they send you a confirmation email to the email you provided. Now congratulations, buy the domain name Godaddy according to your niche. Go to the GoDaddy website and sign in any click on your profile in the Profile section and you click on “My Products” and you see your domain in it.

I think Now you all know about “How to buy a domain name godaddy” perfectly, If you have any issue regarding this then comment below I will help you always.

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